NSCC Trophy of the year




The NSCC trophy of the year is an award instituted to honor the best big game trophy, in terms of difficulty of hunt, rarity and score, taken in one particular year by an active Member of Nordic Safari Club Chapter. (NSCC).


The award will have a Committee.
This Committee will be formed by the following members:
• the acting President of the SCI Nordic Chapter
• four (4) members appointed by the NSCC board, for two (2) years who can be reappointed.


A big game hunting trophy must meet the following criteria to qualify:
• The hunt must have been conducted under ethical and legally correct circumstances.
• The trophy may have been taken by any lawful method accepted by the SCI Record Book. The trophy must be entered in the SCI record book of big game.
• The trophy must have been hunted during the two (2) full years preceding January 1st of the year in which the award will be presented.
-The same trophy can be entered only once.

Together with the application the applicant has to attache::

– a field photo. That can be used by NSCC on the web and in the news magazine.
– the SCI record book ID number.

Application is send to:

SCI Nordic Safari Club Chapter
Asserholtvej 9
DK-6622 Bække
E-mail: vj@scinordic.com

Applications are received ( through the year ) within JANUARY 15th of the year in which the Award will be given.


The award committee will receive all the entries.

The list of the trophies together with all the above documentation will be sent to the award committee.

Any controversy will be sorted out according to the SCI Record Book list.

This process will be accomplished by FEBRUARY 15th. and the result published on or web site and in the next issue of the Nordic Safari Club Chapter News Magazine.


The award ceremony will be held at the General Assembly which is the organizations highest decision-making forum.

It will be a sculpture for the best trophy each award year


No fees are charged to apply for the NSCC trophy of the year award.